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Bellvue's minimal window systems are provided exclusively by KELLER minimal windows. Manufactured in Luxembourg, KELLER minimal windows is renowned for its large scale window and sliding door systems created with heights of up to 4.5 metres. KELLER minimal windows clean, paired back frame profiles allow for maximum light admission with unobstructed views to the outside world.


  • Maximum view

    The sliding rail integrated in the floor provides for a transition without a threshold. The level installation makes for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Glass walls from the floor to the ceiling can be comfortably opened and closed.

  • Frameless

    KELLER minimal windows frameless design sliding windows captivate by their slender profile geometry and flush-fitted installation to floor, ceiling and walls. Solutions without corner posts are possible as are sliding elements into wall pockets.

  • Energy Efficient

    KELLER minimal windows sliding doors achieve a first-class energy balance in conjunction with extraordinary aesthetics. The highly insulated Thermal Break option offers top thermal values up to passive house level.

  • Performance

    Beyond aesthetics, KELLER minimal windows offer unrivalled levels of performance, making them suitable for high wind, high rain and coastal conditions.

    • RC2 (WK2) burglar resistance
    • Sound insulation up to 43dB.
    • Suitable for blower door tests
  • Motorised

    Optionally available, KELLER minimal windows can be fitted with powerful electric motors that move the sliding leaf without a sound. Various controllers can be used as well as electrical locks and magnetic contacts for monitoring the closing function.

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